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Kramer Plumbing and Heating was recognized at Lennox in Dallas, Texas, with a formal reception. Owners of Kramer Plumbing and Heating Inc. at Lennox Corporate Headquarters
Dave and Mary Zimmerman - owners of KP&H Inc, and daughter, Sarah, at the Lennox Corporate Headquarters for 100 Year Award
Sarah Zimmerman,  Mary  Zimmerman,  Bob Schjerven - ILL CEO,  Dave Zimmerman, and Mike Burcham - Lennox Central Regional Director
(left to right) Sarah Zimmerman, Mary Zimmerman, Bob Schjerven - ILL CEO, Dave Zimmerman, and Mike Burcham - Lennox Central Regional Director

Since 1903, the professionals at Kramer Plumbing and Heating, Inc. have provided the best and most reliable service available in the Medford, Wisconsin area.

Dave and Mary Zimmerman are the current owners of Kramer Plumbing and Heating, Inc. They are proud of the long history and tradition of this locally owned, family business and consider it a privilege to be able to continue to serve the town of Medford and the surrounding communities of north-central Wisconsin.

"You can expect our service team to be professional and courteous. We want to make sure that all of your questions are answered and that we continue to perform the highest quality work. We offer free estimates and are confident you'll find our prices to be fair and reasonable."

Kramer Plumbing and Heating sets itself apart from many other dealerships with its storefront business, allowing customers to walk in and shop for their plumbing, heating, and cooling equipment.

"Our customers can walk in to buy plumbing equipment to complete the jobs themselves, or they can view the HVAC equipment and talk with a sales representative and order equipment for installation. Our service technicians simply pull inventory off the shelves for jobs, and return the surplus each day for inventory control." Dave Zimmerman

The Kramer technicians have to be experienced and licensed in both plumbing and heating in the event one of the "team members" is out for the day.

"One thing we've really had to do to be successful for so many years is diversify ourselves. We are in such a small market; out town is about 5,000 people, and our area contains about 25,000 people. That's why we offer both plumbing and HVAC services." Dave Zimmerman

IAQ Opportunities Growing

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is becoming a bigger portion of Kramer's HVAC business. "We're getting increasingly more involved in the IAQ market. Customers are realizing the importance of healthy environments, and IAQ is just one additional way to give our customers what they want, and at the same time, set ourselves apart from the competition." Dave Zimmerman

Using Lennox online ordering and information tool, DaveNetTM, Kramer's orders parts and equipment, receives warranty and engineering information and much more.

"Our most important testimony to our business and most powerful form of advertising is our customer retention and referral. We operate in a very small community and people talk. If we didn't do business honestly and effectively, word would be out pretty fast, and we'd lose customers. Our customers are so pleased with us, they keep coming back, an they refer their friends. I think that's the biggest key to our business success - putting our customers first." Dave Zimmerman

History of Kramer Plumbing

A Century of Success

Historical Photos of Kramer Plumbint and Heating of Medford, Wisconsin

Staying in business for over 100 years is something most small companies don't experience, but Kramer Plumbing and Heating in Medford, Wisconsin recently celebrated their 100th anniversary as a Lennox dealer. The company was founded in 1901 as a small sheet metal business in downtown Medford, just 1.5 hours south of Lake Superior. In 1981 the company was purchased by current owners, David and Mary Zimmerman, from Robert and Dorothy Kramer, the grandson of the founder of Kramer Plumbing and Heating.

Zimmerman's experience with Lennox began early. He grew up with a Lennox furnace in his house and worked at another Lennox dealership straight out of trade school. David and Mary have continued the Kramer tradition of excellence. In addition to being written up in numerous trade journals, Kramer Plumbing and Heating, Inc. was recently honored by the Lennox Corporation at that company's Dallas Headquarters for our long relationship with their quality line of components.

"Of all the manufacturers, Lennox equipment is by far the best. I feel honored to be recognized for our 100-year-old relationship with the company. To my knowledge, we're the second oldest dealership around, and if feels great to be associated with such a steadfast name." Dave Zimmerman.

Kramer's Storefront on Main Street, Medford

2017 View of Kramer Plumbing Storefront

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